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About Us

Written By Fans, Enjoyed By Fans

“The Basketball Fans” made by fans, and for fans. We are here because we like basketball. 

We enjoy playing basketball. We enjoy watching basketball. We enjoy reading about basketball. 

Also, we enjoy writing about basketball. Thus, We decided to create a sports magazine, about basketball, that will be written by fans. 

Become a Sports Writer

In here, any fan can become a Sports Reporter. You can write about your favorite team or your favorite player.

Write your opinions, write game reports, pre-game reports, post-game reports. 
Write about trades, rumors, career overview, nostalgia and more. 
We create a stage for you, to spread the word, your word, and share with other fans your unique thoughts and insights.

This is the reason why we chose this slogan: “Written By Fans, Enjoyed By Fans”.

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