Most Points Scored In NBA Quarter By Player

Klay Thompson playing for the Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson playing for the Golden State Warriors (By Keith Allison, Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, image link: flicker, cropped derivative)

I spend all day watching NBA highlights, and this is hands down my favorite one. I have probably watched this 37 times, one for each point Klay scores during this quarter. This is the record for most points in a quarter, and to me, it is just as insane as the 73-9 record set by The Warriors a year later. Forget getting hot, I am talking about being on deep shot after shot for almost half an hour (real time) against the best players in the world. I know it’s the 2015 Kings, but if you tried to take anyone from their roster 1-1, you would get destroyed. Klay never missed.

Most points in a quarter NBA

The clip is so beautiful because it starts at 58-58. By the end, it’s 97(!!!!!)-73. I love the subtle transition of the warrior mindset at 1:56. Klay has hit a couple, and now the mentality is “screw the offense, get Klay the ball”. The very next possession, they give it to him. The Kings know he is hot, however, so they double him. Dejected, he throws back to Draymond Green. Green is like “Nah, you’re hot”, and passes it back to him. Klay is like “you right” and shoots a DEEP ill-advised heat check three balls and swishes it. You can see the fan in the front row bowing enthusiastically to him, a humble gesture from a man who can afford courtside Warriors tickets.

From then on, it just gets insane. 30 Seconds of game time later, Klay hits his 3rd 3 in as many possessions. This time curling in the air and quick releasing as though it is an easy thing to do. It’s not. Front row guy stands and gets pumped. His next 3 bounces high and fortunately falls back in. For a second there, he looked weak, but I assume he was just playing with us. The peak of the video for me is when Curry steals it. “He’s gonna find Klay” the announcer knows. He passes and hits the 3, making him go 9-9 so far. After that, he takes and his 2 most difficult shots of the quarter, but I’ll let you re-discover them for your own.

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