Listen to the 2011 unreleased song by LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Lebron James training before a game with the cavs

Lebron James training before a game with the Cavs (By Keith Allison, Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, image link: flicker, cropped derivative) 

Amazing! On 2011 Lebron James and Kevin Durant joined forces and recorded a song! These two rivals did a great job. The song name is ” It Ain’t Easy”. The Golden State Warrior Star and the New LA Lakers star are referring to the hard way they did to the top of the NBA. 

We got you the lyrics of the song:

“I cut me, I bleed out, dedication Hard work, sacrifice, meditation I meditate up on the goal that I’m tryna reach Grinding all the way to the top, and I ain’t tryna sleep Come and get me, come and get me, I’m an animal Cutting through your brain like I’m ————— Now I’m grown up, I got a couple dollars on me Spent a semester in school, I ain’t no scholar, homie Who with me? Who with me? [Bleep] dudes with me Shoot with me, place you on you [bleep] like Jamaal Tinsley I’m a [unclear], twice before he get around Relaxin’ in the seats to this Benz is how I get around I got the money, but that’s the root of all evil I stayed the same, but it’s changing all the wrong people Yeah, and every hater all the same I’m feelin’ like the world is Skip Bayless and I’m LeBron James Look, now I got a body full of tattoos Everybody say that I’m changin’, that is not true Same dude that you met a couple years ago Talk to the heart and you can see past the visual Look, stickin’ to the game and I ain’t out of bounds Maryland on my back, and I can carry it when I’m out of town I said Maryland on my back and I can carry it when I’m out of town”

Kevin Durant’s Part

“It ain’t easy on the path I’m on But put the world on my back ‘cause I’m that strong Long journey I been on from the very start No way I die off, with this iron heart No chance to make it out, that’s what they said But look at me I’m here, [ball, set and spread?] From 602 to 747s I miss you grandma Frieda, R.I.P. in heaven Say what you want ‘bout me, but leave the family alone Or call the goons up and have ‘em freshen up the chromes I love the goons, they up in my heart ‘Cause they been down with King James from the very start Single parent, just moms, dad gone It’s all good pops, you made the kid strong Ain’t no way you can stop this kid Mama mama knew I was a star from the baby bed I had to make it out, no other option Now ain’t nothing in the world that I ain’t coppin’ Yo y’all already know what it is Now lemme just spread my wings While y’all listen to the voice in this hook sing:”

Lebron James’ Part

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