Is Kyrie a good fit for the nets?

Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics – Icon Sportswire

There are problems with Kyrie joining the Nets’ franchise, and this problem is mostly positioning within the lineup, as Spencer Dinwiddie, who has left the 6th man position and is filling in at point guard during Kyrie’s injury absence, has signed a new 3 year, 34.36 million dollar contact with the nets and is really showing out nearly every game, averaging 22 points per game and 6.4 assists per game. But it’s not just Spencer dinwiddie who has shown out at guard position for the nets, as Caris Levert, who just came off surgery for a thumb injury, is averaging 15.6 points per game and 3.4 assists per game. Along with the superstar Kyrie and Theo Pinson, we’re looking at 4 guards.

So far, coach Kenny Atkinson has done a good job with the guard rotations, but as Kyrie heats up further along into the season and takes on the Nets’ leadership role, how will Coach Atkinson give Kyrie more minutes without disadvantaging Spencer Dinwiddie and Theo Pinson, especially since the free agency has gifted the team with so much raw talent with players such as Kevin Durant, Wilson Chandler and Garrett Temple, who will soon need to be slotted in. 

This is an issue that the Nets organisation will need to deal with internally and this could be through trading away a guard for another defensive power forward to help DeAndre Jordan and Jarrett Allen, since the nets have been struggling to keep the opposition outside of the paint recently. 

Chemistry is another big deal. Kyrie has had his history with teams that have not gone so well, the most recent issue was publicly stating that he will resign with Boston pre-game.

“If you guys will have me back, I plan on resigning here”

Kyrie Irving, 5/10/2018, via Boston Celtics Twitter.

Hopefully he won’t do the same thing to Brooklyn and hopefully he will enjoy leading this team. Given that last season’s nets had a close bond and extremely good chemistry which led them to the first round in the playoffs, this year the players who stuck around form last season have done a very good job at readjusting to the players and the new situation, and supporting their new team-mates. 

Joe Harris has this to say about Kyrie:

“Kyrie, He’s got a big personality. I think he’s one of these that’s misunderstood. I think the way he’s construed in the media is probably going to paint him in a light that is not necessarily true.”

Joe Harris, via Michael Scotto on Twitter

In my opinion, I believe that apart from the positioning issue, he will fit in well for the nets franchise and he will be valuable, in that he can score pretty much off anything you throw at him by creating space with his handles. Like everybody who is new to any team, it takes a while to adjust and get used to the environment that you step into and I believe that this is the case for Kyrie. His friendship with DeAndre Jordan and Kevin Durant will definitely be a plus for him to stay in Brooklyn and hopefully carry home a championship in the near future. 

Time will tell.

Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics - Icon Sportswire
Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics – Icon Sportswire

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