Do you like White Chocolate Basketball?

Jason Williams - White Chocolate

Jason Williams White Chocolate Playing for the Miami Heat (By Keith Allison, Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, image link: flicker, cropped derivative)

Already by the title, all real basketball fans will easily find out who is the subject. Jason Williams, a magician with a ball and a player whose poster were in teenagers rooms in every city in which he played.

Today, we’re looking at physical-based basketball, but we all sometimes like to see that magicians with the ball, which do not look like athletes, but ordinary people you meet on the street or in the store.

Jason Williams Stats

Right, Jason Williams does not have the best stats in the history of the NBA, not even close to it. He won only one NBA ring, in Miami he was inscribed in gold letters – in general, there were much bigger names than him. However, if you love Jason Williams style of play, you definitely love basketball.

This merging, this sublimation of love is a consequence of the specific style of the game that Williams cultivated during all years spent on the floor, but also emerging from it. His life out of arenas was also exciting as his style of passing.

Jason Williams is a player who has never understood how the NBA works, what is showbiz and how a star player behaves. These are the reasons why he was always loved during his career, but also in retirement days. The bright NBA stage was never interested him, basketball was seen as an art and a job.

Jason Williams Highlights

In the NBA All-Star in 2000, during the Rookie Challenge, Jason Williams made one of the most exciting moves in basketball history. In the counter-attack of his team, Jason Williams decided to pass a ball to his teammate Raef LaFrentz with his elbow, something that was not seen before in any basketball game.

When he arrived in Oakland in 2000 at the Rookie Challenge, Jason Williams was already known for spectacular assists that were often not following the laws of geometry.

In his team’s counter-attack, Jason showed his incredible creativity when he moved the ball to one of his teammates with his left hand behind his back, and then with his right elbow changed the direction and sent it to the opposite side, right into the hands of Raef LaFrentz. In the first moments, even after several replays, from several angles, it was difficult to figure out what actually happened and how the ball was sent in one and ended in the other direction. At that moment when everyone realized what Jason Williams actually did, fans were thrilled that they just saw one of the “craziest” moves ever. It remains only unfortunate that the play didn’t finish with a spectacular slam dunk of Raef LaFrentz because James Posey decided to foul him and stop phenomenal team play by Jason Williams.

Although the move is made in  All-Star game, this does not diminish the genius move of Jason “White Chocolate” Williams.

However, what he left on the floor, his basketball legacy means that Jason Williams aka White Chocolate deservedly was an idol for many who started playing basketball or just enjoy watching it passionately. Some of his moves probably will never be repeated, and Jason once said,

“You saw this move, and don’t just ask me to repeat it. I won’t know”

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